Peace In Outer Space

by Patrick Cortes

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released June 23, 2009

Cover Artwork - Gary Ruschman
Promotional Photography - Johanna Salo
Recording Engineer - Chris Barron
Mixing & Mastering - Chris Barron, Patrick Cortes
Molotov Records logo - Andy Reeder
All songs written, performed and programmed by Patrick Cortes
Produced by Chris Barron and Patrick Cortes

Molly Nichols, David, John, Mary, and Abby Cortes, School of Communication Arts in Raleigh, Courtney Wells, Katya Moutchkina (rest in peace), Benjamin Staab, Jessica Leigh Mistric, Eric Dressel, Gary Ruschman, Jacob Robinson, Johanna Salo, Rachel Seay, Trent Reznor, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Tim Juhl, Apple, Ingrid Michaelson, Cary Brothers, Joshua Radin, Charles Dreher, Shawn Ishihara, "Team Woodlands," Rain Check Productions, Mr. Toad's, Borders Bookstore, Neutral Ground Coffee House, Brandon Drury, the staff and community at X-Realms/The Outer Fringe. Anyone who came to see me play, even if they were really just there for the coffee.

Fuck you, James Hedrick.

Copyright 2009 Molotov Records



all rights reserved


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Track Name: The Last Free Place (Exit Strategy)
This whole corner of the world is on fire
I've been working on my zombie plan
Everybody come on sing the virus
Don't you know I'm looking for an exit strategy?

She marched off with my heart in her purse
I will probably get what I deserve
I've got someplace else i mind anyway
I don't require you to get it
Or anyone else

We can find the last free place

This whole corner of the world is on fire
I've been throwing cocktails right and left
Everybody stop and look at me
We've just found an exit - fucking run
Track Name: Adderall
Looks like they've got me by the throat this time
Thank God I've got you to keep me in line
I don't care about the side effects at all


I know I haven't been all that productive
I know how often I could just say "fuck it"
But I won't fail to make daddy so proud

Well you may experience a lack of sleep
A loss of appetite
A lack of self
But I don't really care because I'm feeling accomplished
Doesn't really matter that none of it makes sense
I've got no time for nonsense
Track Name: The Ballad of Charlie Dreher
Well I won't do whatever they tell me to; where's the fun?
I'm a man of my principles and my guns
And I don't take any shit from anyone
I'm seventy-seven years old but the battle has just begun

I'm an island in the middle of festering perfectland
And I'll not be annexed, nor will I meet your demands
I expect none of you cowards to understand
Never did realize old Charlie's still got the upper hand

It's a good day to fight
It's a good day to die
Track Name: Airport
I was running on fumes
She's finally onto me
She'll light up the room
She's quite the anomaly
And what can I do?
Five months didn't prepare me for this
The five o'clock news is asking me questions

They've brought out the guns
She's just shot me in the back
And I'm on the run
I'm sitting there fearful on the tarmac
They've had all their fun
Dear God, I've gotta get out
They're speaking in tongues
at the front door while I duck out the back

But I'm thinking this airport might be my way out of here

They're coming in hot
Got me surrounded from all sides
It's starting to rot
And I thought they smelled bad on the outside
Their sights are all locked
I don't think I've been sleeping enough
I think I've been caught
But I'm not coming out with my hands up

And I'm looking but there ain't a goddamn thing for me here
So I'm thinking this airport might be my way out of here
Track Name: Orchid Song
She won't go away quietly
I'm watching her get away
I will always feel this way when the seasons change

I can't think about it too closely
We can forget all our zombie plans
Apparently time to be something approaching brave

So I will come and level with you
And you'll hear it but you won't really consider
And I will walk away quietly

She's got orchids in her hair
But she belongs someplace else
Probably the last we will speak of it

So I will come and level with you
And you'll hear it but you won't really consider
And I will walk away quietly